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Homescapes Review

Homescapes is a match-three casual game developed by Playrix. It was released in 2017 on mobile devices, and now you can download Homescapes on Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

Gameplay: Matching Threes

Despite the game trying to look as a building simulator or something else in its advertisements, the gameplay's core is the match-three puzzles. However, what makes Homescapes different from other puzzle games is the room decoration mechanics the developers have implemented. By completing the match three puzzles you earn points and unlock various furniture and decorations for the available rooms. With time you will be able to unlock more rooms and more options to furnish them. There are also limited events and additional activities in Homescapes, so you will want to visit it repeatedly. You can download Homescapes for free. However there are some in-game purchases.

Graphics: Interesting Style

The game utilizes a cartoony visual style, which greatly suits the game's general mood and goes well between the puzzles and the interiors. The game is children-friendly, there is no violence or other offensive elements. The design options are pretty vast as there are hundreds of different furniture and decoration elements, each having a unique look.

Controls: Easy to Play

Homescapes is an extremely user-friendly game. It’s core audience are children and girls, who do not have much experience in gaming, so the game is not challenging. It is more about relaxing decoration rather than hardcore gameplay, and the controls correspond to that statement. It is very easy to play Homescapes, but the decoration might require some time to learn. As there is tons of stuff available, you will have to get used to the menus structure. However, the progression system is pretty nice, and you gradually increase the difficulty of handling the interface, so it will not be much trouble to start and progress.



In case you are looking for a harmless game for your kid, or you are in search of a relaxing decorating game, Homescapes is a great choice. However, do not expect it to be a building or a decorating simulator, as the core is still a match-three puzzle. Homescapes is an addictive game, and it is free to play, so there are no reasons not to try it, in case you like the idea.

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