Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash Review

Geometry Dash is a platformer game developed by RobTop games, having its release date in 2013. You can download it on PC, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows Phone.

Gameplay: Tons of Content

The gameplay of Geometry Dash utilizes a fresh approach to the platformer genre. The one-tap controls bring a new and fascinating experience. The gameplay is addicting, but not easy for newbies as the game properly manages to adopt the old school hardcore platformers' traditions. The first levels will be comparably easy to beat, but the late game will truly test the player’s skills. Another great thing about Geometry Dash is the amount of content: a built-in level editor, so gamers can create and share their tracks with the community. There already are hundreds of community-created levels available, so you will not run out of tracks.

Graphics: Modern Classics

The visuals are also impressive. The game is a classic 2D platformer with detailed images and smooth animations with high framerates. Geometry Dash is pretty diverse visually: there are different backgrounds, several types of platforms and terrain, and all made with a wide color palette. Another point to mention is the customization: you can change your character's skin and choose a color for it.

Controls: One Tap

Despite you only using one finger to control your character in Geometry Dash, the game offers a wide range of gameplay conditions, which change the controls. For example, your character may take a vehicle, and then you will have to hold the screen to change the height of traveling, or there are gravity changing sections, where your tap sends your character to the ceiling and back to the floor.


Geometry Dash is a great game, which provides a great experience. It carefully adopts the covenants of old-school platformers and makes them comfortable and addicting to play on any device. There are tons of levels, dozens of in-game conditions, and types of level sections, which make the gameplay diverse and positively affect the replay value. Despite it not being free to play, Geometry Dash is worth buying as it offers loads of content for a single price with no in-game purchases.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4.5

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