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Frankie's Baby Fireworks!

Frankie's Baby Fireworks!

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Frankie's Baby Fireworks! Description
? Colorful fireworks for your baby! (without ads, yay!)

I made this fun fireworks game for my one year-old daughter, Frankie, so that she can enjoy fireworks where ever we go. And I wanted a safe game for her to enjoy when grabbing daddy's phone. A simple and safe way for your baby to enjoy fireworks for the 4th of July (our favorite), New Year's Eve, Guy Fawkes Day, or when ever you like!

? NO ADS. I hate it when ads pop up, trying to trick my daughter to click them! I made this game so she could play without interruption.
? Fireworks appear in many different colors and sizes.
? Fun firework sounds.
? Fireworks vibrate when they explode! This can also be disabled in the settings.
? Fireworks show! Fireworks will go off on their own if the screen has not be touched for 3 seconds. This can be disabled in the settings.
? Gravity affects where the fireworks fall (based on what direction your child is currently holding your device).
? Multitouch! Supports as many fingers as your device allows.
? Home and Back buttons are hidden, if your device supports it (just swipe from the edge of the screen to show them again).
? No extra buttons for your child to accidentally tap.


Privacy Policy for Children's Games
No personal data is ever collected from my children's games. I'm a parent too, and I understand the importance of protecting your child's safety and privacy. This app does not have internet access and will never collect any data of your child. To learn more, click the privacy policy link in the app or on the store page.

Frankie's Baby Games: Frankie loves daddy's phone, and daddy wants her to grow up comfortable with today's modern technology. So daddy went and searched for some games that would be appropriate for his one year-old daughter, and what he found was disappointing. So daddy decided to make games for his daughter instead. With the help of mommy's passion for children's education (certified k-8 teacher), daddy's passion for designing engaging video games, and Frankie's keen tastes in entertainment, Frankie's Baby Games were born!

We hope that these games help you show your little one what an amazing world we live in!
One of the most trending apps right now!
One of the best action games ever!

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