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First Grade Math Games For Kids

First Grade Math Games For Kids

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First Grade Math Games For Kids Description
'1st Grade Math Games For Kids' is a math learning program for first graders. Based on the curriculum followed by teachers worldwide, it teaches the basic math concepts in an easy, fun and engaging way.

Learn first-grade levels math concepts such as Numbers, Counting, Comparison, Time Telling and more. With over 30+ games and songs, it reinforces the basic math skills to kids.

Kids will not only love to learn math but it will also boost their confidence in the subject. It will help them to score high and get ahead of others.

Maths concepts of the first-grade level are:
Counting: Count numbers from 1 to 100 with catchy songs and games.
Comparison: Learn comparison concepts like Odd and Even numbers, Greater than and Less than.
Addition: Add a single digit number to another number.
Subtraction: Subtract a single digit number from another number.
Time: Learn to read time with interactive analog and digital clocks.

'1st Grade Math Games For Kids' is designed to help your child practice their math lessons anytime and anywhere. Download the app now!
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