Cookie Jelly Match

Cookie Jelly Match

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Cookie Jelly Match Review

Cookie Jelly Match is a match three puzzle game for mobile devices. It was released and developed by Playdox Games in 2020, and you can now download Cookie Jelly Match for free for Android exclusively.

Gameplay: Nothing New About It

Unfortunately, Cookie Jelly Match does not offer much new in terms of gameplay. It is a typical match three in a row puzzle game, where you have to switch different elements to explode them and beat different levels. As usual, there are some boosters and power-ups available to simplify the completion of difficult levels. It is free to play, but the power-ups and boosters are sold for real money as in-game purchases, and there are ads all over the game.

Graphics: Pretty Fresh

Despite the game being a typical match-three, the graphics are fine. It was released in 2020, and it feels very fresh and new to play Cookie Jelly Match. The cookies themselves are pleasant to look at, and the animations are extraordinarily smooth. Visual effects are great both for common matches and for boosters: be sure that your screen will always be filled with great visuals. Sound design is pretty great as well: the game is pleasant to listen to, and the music corresponds to the relaxing mood of the game.

Controls: Simple and Intuitive

The game is aiming for an audience of players of all ages, so the controls are very intuitive. Even a person, who has never played mobile games before, will quickly understand the idea of Cookie Jelly Match. You only have to use one finger to swipe cookies, and you can always activate boosters with one tap. The interface is pretty great as well, it is not overloaded and correctly puts your focus on the game field.


We cannot say Cookie Jelly Match is a bad game, it is still a decent match three puzzle. Moreover, it was released in 2020, so it feels pretty new and fresh while played. However, there are dozens or hundreds of games of this type, many of them have some history behind. Candy Crush Saga, for example, has thousands of levels available. The Homescapes game has its decorating mechanics and so on. At the same time, Cookie Jelly Match does not offer anything new and unique in terms of gameplay.

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