Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

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Bloons TD 6 Review

Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game developed by Ninja Kiwi. It was released in 2018, and you can download Bloons TD 6 on Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

Gameplay: A Decent Tower Defense

Although the game might look all cartoony and childish, it is one of the most profound tower defense games available on mobile and PC markets. There are different play modes available, and there are several types of levels categorized by difficulty. Its core BTD 6 is a classic tower defense game: you place towers and upgrade them to beat the increasing hordes of enemies and not let them reach their target. However, Bloons Tower Defense 6 has lots of additional mechanics, making it a truly deep game. First of all, there are global upgrades for towers, which will work without connection to progress in a specific run. There is also a deep and interesting upgrade system: three paths might upgrade each tower, and there is an option to select one main path and one secondary. This gives you an option to build 6 different towers from a basic one, and it is important to mention that there are 21 basic towers, so there is a lot of choice available. What is even better is that each tower is pretty well balanced and they are all more or less equally effective, so you can choose the tower you like most to play it.

Graphics: Monkey Town

Bloons Tower Defense series have always been utilizing an interesting style. The first games were fully 2D, while the latest games utilize 3D models and offer great graphics with high resolutions. The game is also optimized greatly and runs properly, even on mobile devices. However, the infinite mode will get both your PC and mobile hot as hell, as there will be thousands of balloons on screen. BTD 6 also has an amazing pack of soundtracks, which not only does perfectly suit the mood of the game, but even stuck in your head until the end of the day.


Unfortunately, Bloons Tower Defense 6 is not free to play, but it is definitely worth its price. It has addicting and deep gameplay, lots of content, regular events, and huge replay value. In case you are not sure about buying it, we suggest trying Bloons TD Battles first – it is a free spin-off, which will partially demonstrate the monkey tower defense experience.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Everyone enjoy this app
You just can't miss this app!

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