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Asuna X Warrior: The Flash Sword Legend

Asuna X Warrior: The Flash Sword Legend

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Asuna X Warrior: The Flash Sword Legend Description
The story of queen Asuna, fighting with many mystic parties from comic world as super dragon saiyan, greate hokage ninja world,
pirate blue sea team to hide her kingdom secret - the power to be the king of universe. Her mission is protect the secret of power from
the crude, it can be destroy our earth. Help her practice day by day to be strong enough to win the battle and finish her mission.

Asuna X Warrior: The Flash Sword Legend gameplay:
- 2d pixel fighting game with many effect and skill
- exciting story mode
- easy control and make skill, can summon support characters
- easy make hidden combo
- charge full enegy to transform new character

Help her keep the secrete sword power !
One of the most trending apps right now!
You just can't miss this app!

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