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Ant Smasher - Kill Them All

Ant Smasher - Kill Them All

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Ant Smasher - Kill Them All Description
Ant Smasher - Kill Them All is an entertainment game for everyone, all ages: male, female and children.

Ant Smasher - Kill Them All is a very interesting game. It helps the players to improve reflective skills. Quick eyes - fast hands. Quickly kill many ants, the speed of movement of the ant will be faster and you need faster. You will get bonus points when you kill 2, 3, 4, 5 ... with 1 Tap to screen. If the ant moves too fast and you need support. Freeze and Bomb are available to support you. Do not let an ant escape and you will be rewarded with Freeze and Bomb items.

Ant Smasher - Kill Them All helps you relax and stay active and alert. And also helps you release your anger and stress.

- There are several ants to kill - There are also ants that are shielded with shields and two shields
- You have up to 3 times to ants pass the screen
- You have 2 more help to destroy ants:
+ Bomb: Bombs will kill all the ants.
+ Freeze: All ants will be frozen in place for 5 seconds.
- Global high score table.
- 3 game modes:
+ Level mode: Have 40 levels.
+ Ascend mode: Play continuously and finish when you to 3 ants escape.
+ Kids mode: The game is much easier.

Enjoy Ant Smasher - Kill Them All, because it's FREE.
And share with your friends play it together.

- Ant Smasher - Kill Them All designed for both phones and tablets.
- Support both ARM & x86 devices.
- No need for internet connection or wifi to play Ant Smasher - Kill Them All. You can play offline.
- Ant Smasher - Kill Them All is a free game and contains the ads like banner and interstitial.

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