Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a mobile game developed by Nintendo. It was initially released in 2017, and now you can download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for free on iOS and Android.

Gameplay: Campscapes

The game is pretty much all about setting up a camp and customizing it. There are various options for the camp’s purpose: you can build an entertainment park, a restaurant, or a music club in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. You can also choose to customize the camper for yourself and create a cabin for him. There is a whole variety of furniture available and lots of different accessories to decorate your campsite. Unique time-limited events also take place in Pocket Camp regularly. And last but not least, there are more than a hundred of tamable pets with unique personalities and looks.

Graphics: Questionable Visuals

Despite many fans finding the graphics of the Animal Crossing series adorable, the Pocket Camp might be less attractive than, for example, Animal Crossing Horizons. The 3D models are not always looking great, and many players report they did not enjoy the visuals as much as in the other games of the series. Yet, it is still a great game with lots of beautiful customization options, and it is completely appropriate for kids, so the graphics should not be stopping you from checking out the game anyway.

Controls: Simple and Convenient

The controls are great in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, as there is not so much to do in the game. The events do not require you to take any hard actions, and the basic gameplay is pretty simple and intuitive. The customization may take some time to learn, but the game properly tours the player through his possibilities, so even the newbies get along here pretty quickly. 


The game is not bad, and it is free to play, so there should be nothing to complain about. We still recommend checking it out if you enjoy the idea, but prepare for typical free to play mechanics: there are in-game purchases available, and the prices might be pretty high when the currency of the game is not farmed easily without investments.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.5

One of the most trending apps right now!
Everyone recommends to get it!

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