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AFK Arena

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AFK Arena Review

AFK Arena is an idle RPG game for mobile devices developed by LilithGames. It was released globally in 2019, and you can now download AFK Arena for free on Android and iOS devices.

Gameplay: Not So AFK

Despite AFK (away from keyboard) is in the title of this game, it is not about being away from your phone. In AFK Arena you have to set up a team of heroes to fight enemies. The fights themselves are done automatically and do not require any actions from the player, but the management between the fights takes time. There are tons of features available for players, so you will probably not want to go AFK with this game. In AFK Arena you can collect various heroes, change the setups to try different strategies, complete the labyrinths, and even create a home of yours. The good thing about this game is that it allows free-to-play gamers to have all the features without hiding them behind a paywall.

Graphics: Anime Styled

The visual part of AFK Arena is pretty interesting. The developers have utilized a cartoony anime-like style for the heroes and the backgrounds, which turned out to be a nice combination with the gameplay they offered. The game is pretty stylish, the characters are very recognizable and truly differ between each other, and most players find the visuals great.

Controls: Management-Oriented

As we have stated above, you do not get to take an actual part in the fights themselves. Most of the time in AFK Arena, you will be gathering rewards, looking through your collection, making upgrades, or choosing a challenge to beat. Therefore, the controls mostly imply you will be just scrolling through different menus and selecting different options. There are dozens of different menus in the game, but the developers have managed to set a proper progression system, so that you unlock features gradually, and you will not get lost in the interface.


There are plenty of idle games on the market right now, and AFK Arena is one of the best games of the genre available. It offers a deep gameplay with space for strategic thinking, and it has no major paywalls inside. You can farm the paid currency without making purchases, and all the features are available for all players, no matter if they buy something in the game.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

One of the most trending apps right now!
Everyone recommends to get it!

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